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Shadrack Malo is one of the famous Luo writers who wrote in the 50s. His writings give us an overview of life in the 50s upto and until 1973 when he died. His book sigend Luo is a powerful rendition of life
in that period. In it, he picks up stories that illuminate the experiences of Luos in the midst of creeping urbanization and migration into formal employment. He captures the influence of alcohol, working
with other tribes, gender issues among other interesting perceptions that has carried on to this day. The translation of this book was commissioned in 2003 but was never published. It is now available in
soft copy under the title “Luo Merry stories” A translation of the book “Sigend Luo Maduogo Chuny”.

Paul Mboya's Luo Kitgi Gi Timbegi A transaltion into English by Jane Achieng
Paul Mboya’s Luo Kitgi Gi Timbegi
Luo Calenders
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