Luo Culture
The books presented here are core valuable reference tools on Luo culture. These books were written by authorities who lived when cultural practice was alive. The Luos then, identified with their culture and could defend the practice.
Today, the contemporary generation raise a lot of questions over issues such as burial, homesteading – goyo dala, marriage, etc. People wonder whether it is practical to be a Luo in the 21st century…how practical is it to build three different houses in one’s lifetime as required in these hard economic times, they ask? How sensible is it to
goyo dala
amidst dwindling land and population growth ? These books are resources that can help answer some of the questions. They are helpful for research purposes and for those who want to know about Luo culture in great depth.

Luo Kitgi gi Timbegi

Paul Mboya's Luo Kitgi Gi Timbegi - Atranslation into English by Jane Achieng


JALUO by Shadrack Malo -Atranslation into English by Jane Achieng

KER Luo Social System

Luo Customary Laws

Luo Customary Laws

Luo Customary Laws

Luo Religion

Luo Religion and Folklore

Burying SM.

Burying SM

Traditional Ideology

Traditional Ideology

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