Worldwide, different communities have systems of naming babies according to their observed norms. There are shared naming systems across many communities in Africa. For example names that follow the seasons, time of birth, seasonal activities are the most common. The Luo’s had several naming systems as shown!

Time of birth



In this  system a baby was given a name according to the time when the baby is delivered e.g Otieno, Atieno, Odhiambo, Akinyi etc.

Season and seasonal activities



In this system the new born was given a name according  to the season or predominant activity of the season. E.g Odoyo, Okomo, Akoth, Ope etc

Nature of birth



In this system a baby acquired a name according to the nature of birth. eg names like Owino, Akumu, Akuku etc.

Circumstances at Birth



In this system a baby was given a name that captured the circumstances of the event at the time of birth.  e.g Ochola, Ojuang, Ajuang etc.

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